Our Purpose

What is our purpose as a Church?

To Glorify God

The church exists to glorify God and to fully enjoy Him by worshipping the triune God through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Rom 15:5-6; 1Co 10:31; 1Pe 2:12; 1Pe 4:11)

To Fulfil the Great Commission

The church will strive to fulfil the “Great Commission” (Mat 28:18-20) by the proclamation of the Gospel and through discipleship, baptising and teaching of believers, which includes:

  1. Regular proclamation of the Gospel at scheduled services.
    (1Co 9:16)
  2. The faithful witness of individual members.
    (Mat 5:16; Phm 1:6; 1Pe 3:15)
  3. Prayer and practical support for church-based evangelism, church-planting and related outreach endeavours.
    (Lu 10:2; 2Co 8:17; Col 4:3-4; 2Th 3:1)
  4. Bible-based teaching ministries for all sections of the community.
    (1Ti 4:11; 2Ti 2:2; Tit 2:1)
  5. Mentoring and guidance through the personal example of members.
    (Php 3:17; 1Th 1:6-7; 1Ti 4:12)
  6. Mutual edification and encouragement of one another for all to play their part as active members of the body.
    (Rom 14:19; 1Th 5:11, 5:14)
To Mutually Edify and Encourage

Members of the church will encourage one another and build one another up under the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ and under the direction of the Holy Spirit  (1Th 5:11). This includes the following:

  1. To walk in accordance with the principles of Christian conduct as given through the Moral law and taught by Jesus Christ and His Apostles and set forth in the Bible through inspiration by the Holy Spirit.
    (1Co 12:25-26; Col 3:17)
  2. To be equipped for the work of ministry, the unity of the faith, the knowledge of the Son of God and to grow in maturity as followers of Christ.
    (Eph 4:11-14; 2Ti 3:16-17)
To Endeavour Socially

To display the love of Christ by promoting, establishing, participating in and encouraging efforts to help and support the spiritually as well as physically needy, through sharing the Gospel of Christ and meeting practical needs where possible. (Acts 2:44-45; Gal 6:10; Tit 3:14; Jas 1:27; Jas 2:15-16)

To Co-operate in Ministry

To promote and encourage co-operation with other organisations that share our Biblical convictions and beliefs. (Rom 15:25; Php 4:3, 4:16; 3Jn 1:8)